Nautical cutlery inox 16 units. Royal blue model

Nautical cutlery

The cutlery is one of the most used tools in the daily life of the human race, even more knives, whether for cooking, hunting, fishing or navigation. In a boat, whether motor or sailing, you can not miss the quality cutlery and stainless steel knives because, there are ends to cut, food to cook and sometimes can be essential to defend ourselves in the open sea when it is necessary to dive to check a problem of the boat. That’s why offers 16 units of stainless steel nautical cutlery, the most commonly searched.
The details to keep in mind
You must make sure that all your cutlery to sail are made of stainless steel and it is necessary that you always have very careful cleaning, as they are constantly exposed to saltpeter and this could damage them if they are not given a good maintenance. That’s why the 16-unit stainless steel nautical cutlery is made with the best materials on the market, resistant to the possible impacts of the sea and that will not leave you badly out at sea. The royal blue model of this brand was designed not only to be resistant but to look elegant on the boat.
Knives, your most relevant cutlery
Although the cutlery has a total of 16 pieces, it is important to mention the usefulness of your knife as it goes beyond costing food and: they are quite sharp and have very pronounced teeth (or saw) that must be taken care of meticulously, because thanks to this design is that they can cut thick ends if necessary in an emergency. They have a protective handle that allows a firm and safe grip.
The 16-piece set, which includes forks, spoons, spoons and knives is available in the online store.

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