INOX Scuba Dive Knife with 310 mm hammer and holster

Scuba Dive Knife

Water sports are an excellent way to nourish recreation through healthy activities that directly involve contact with nature. Water is the main element that gives life to the world, that’s why doing activities that involve its contact is a way to create a close link with the rest of the world.
In scuba diving you will find fauna and flora that, evidently, you will not be able to find easily on land. This makes the activity even more special. You can get to know things that not everyone has the chance to see. In addition, it involves an adventure that feeds on mystery and the curiosity of not knowing what can be found under the sea.
To carry out this activity, it is important to have various materials, including a special knife or INOX diving knife with cover and hammer 310 mm. It has a blade of 185 mm and is made of stainless steel AISI 316 with black handle. It is not a weapon, it is a tool, also necessary for the safety of the diver.
It is possible that it is used in very few occasions, because if it is needed with urgency it will be in some type of emergency. But, even so, it is never too much to keep it among the things that are taken to practice this sport. The main and most important use of the diving knife is to be able to free one or more people from being caught in a net. Another of the uses, and which is actually what many currently take this tool as essential, is to free the fauna they find in the way of abandoned nets or garbage. An admirable work that is done when you feel the connection between body, mind and spirit with Mother Nature.

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